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Were you sexually harassed at work or retaliated against for saying “No”?

We help victims protect their jobs, recover damages, and hold the guilty accountable.

If you've suffered workplace sexual harassment, you have legal protections. Federal laws protect you from unwanted advances and comments at work. Employers are required to provide a safe place for you to do your job, and when they fail to act on reports of sexual harassment, they can be held accountable. Don't suffer in silence because you think you have no options. Our lawyers can help you put an end to this difficult situation.

Someone in your workplace may have committed sexual harassment if they:

  • Made unwanted sexual advances towards you
  • Touched you in a suggestive way
    (rubbing, pinching, brushing up against, etc.)
  • Talked repeatedly about their sexual escapades or asked probing questions about your love life
  • Stared or looked at you inappropriately
  • Offered you a raise in exchange for sexual favors
  • Made comments about your appearance
  • Sent you sexual notes, photos, emails, or videos
  • Told sexual or gender-based jokes

Sexual harassment can be perpetuated by anyone in your workplace, including supervisors, coworkers, vendors, clients, and customers. It happens in all industries and at all levels, from entry-level positions to the c-suite.

You don't have to be a direct victim of sexual harassment to sue. If you witness a coworker being sexually harassed or you're forced to work in a hostile environment, you may be able to file a claim-even if you have not been harassed personally.

Our sexual harassment attorneys have the legal experience and investigative resources to help you prove your case and recover financial damages and your dignity. These are complex cases, too often covered up by untruthful witnesses, aggressive company lawyers, and management denials. Although you're protected by law, it's important that you work with a qualified lawyer who will advocate for you fearlessly.

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The right lawyer can help protect your livelihood

Dealing with sexual harassment is complicated and emotional. Many victims stay silent, fearing that they'll be fired or retaliated against for speaking out. The unfortunate truth is that retaliation does happen, even though it's illegal. The good news is that our legal team can help you get ahead of any potential retaliation or resolve it if it's already begun.

No matter what industry you work in or where you rank in your company, we can help. Our attorneys have handled sexual harassment and retaliation cases in every sector, including:

If you're worried about losing your job for reporting sexual harassment or fear that your employer will retaliate against you by cutting your hours, demoting you, or making your work life difficult, speak to our experienced attorneys today. It's critical that you file sexual harassment claims as soon as possible. Depending on where you live, you may have as little as six months to file a claim.

Don't allow the threat of retaliation to prevent you from blowing the whistle on your employer-our attorneys will help you seek the justice you deserve.

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